Your Google My Business Can Be Your Marketing Tool

Have you ever searched for a business on Google and the number didn’t work but you knew the place was open? Then you decided to use the map and the wrong address was in the listing. If you are the owner this business, you just allowed thousands of potential clients to slip through your fingers because your Google My business page was not optimized.

Did you also know there is so much more to Google My Business than a correct number or address? Your Google My Business account can be the marketing tool to bring your business to the billions of people who search the web every day.

Here at Legacy Global Consulting we take your Google listing and not only optimize it but become your marketing agency. Our content writer and graphic designer can make your posts pop allowing you to get important information about your business out there to current and potential clients. You will receive monthly analytics to provide you the insight to help you focus on the numbers that count. We can even teach you the proper way to answer your reviews giving you another way to interact with potential clients.

Contact Legacy Global Consulting and let us help make your Google My Business page work for you!